Yonex Nanoflare 800 [Matte Black] Unstrung

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                 nanoflare 800

A head-light racquet designed for incredible speed to support aggressive play and rapid-fire rallies. The main new feature of the NANOFLARE 800 (NF800) is the ultra-thin Razor Frame, which is aerodynamic from all angles. Compared with other thin frames, the 360 degrees streamlined Razor Frame means air resistance is reduced by up to 11.5% from all angles, resulting in faster swing speed. This also means that shuttle speeds off the racket have increased.

Overall, because of the quicker speeds, the player can reach the shuttle earlier, improving their ability to pressure opponents with aggressive drives and pushes. 

Additionally, a high elasticity carbon has been utilized in the top of the frame for repulsion, while a new graphite material, TORAYCA(R) M40X that is both strong and highly elastic is used in the lower part of the frame. This is the 800 iteration of the Sonic Flare System, designed to rapidly eject the shuttle after contact.

Flex :    Stiff
Frame:    HM Graphite + M40X + HMG
Shaft:  HM Graphite 
Joint:   Built-in T-Joint
Length: 5 mm longer
Weight/Grip:  4U (Avg. 83g) G5
Stringing Advice:  4U: 20 - 28 lbs
Recommended String: Hard-hitters - AEROBITE BOOST / AEROBITE
Made in Japan

AERO + BOX Frame

Combines solid hitting feel and quick swing.


Enlarged Sweet Spot

ISOMETRICTM technology continues to help the world’s greatest players achieve global success.

Developed over 30 years ago, the ISOMETRICTM design increases the sweet spot by 7%*. Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRICTM racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings.

ISOMETRICTM delivers greater control without sacrificing power. ISOMETRICTM is a Trademark of Yonex CO., LTD.
*Tested by Yonex

Rotational Generator System

Counterbalanced Weight Distribution

By applying the counterbalance theory, weight is distributed throughout the grip end, frame top and the joint for maximum control. The transition to the next shot can be performed smoothly, with rapid succession


Control Support CAP

Sharp Maneuverability

The control support cap provides an 88% wider flat surface compared with an ordinary racquet for easier gripping, fast follow-through and the sharpest maneuverability.