Victor Auraspeed 90F M [Light Blue] Unstrung

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 As a Speed Series racket that features lightweight and agility, ARS-90F is an integration of all the classic technology of the AURASPEED series, but lighter and agiler, aiming to provide the players with a quick and smooth hitting experience.

Engineered with WES (Whipping Enhance System) and DYNAMIC-SWORD, which helps ARS-90F to drive better momentum and fast rebounding during swings.

FREE CORE synthetic handle plays a crucial role in the balance of ARS-90F. VICTOR R&D team adopts the stiffer shaft with free core technology to create a smooth but agile attack.

Flex :    Medium Stiff
High ResilienceModulus Graphite +Nano Fortify TR+
High ResilienceModulus Graphite +PYROFIL +6.8 SHAFT

Joint:   Built-in T-Joint
Length: 675 mm 
Weight/Grip:  4U (Avg. 83g) G5
Stringing Advice:  4U: 20 - 28 lbs




Throughout the ARS-90 series, ARS-90S features speed, ARS-90K features attack, and now ARS-90F features lightweight—the ARS series provide the players and consumers with various options for different playing style.


The designer not only adds delicate graphic elements to the decals, but also gives the racket a jelly-like texture with innovative coating technology. The translucent cap enables you to take a peek at the structure of the FREE CORE synthetic handle.
ARS-90F is set with feather swing weight while maintains strength. ARS-90F focus on the continuity and instant rebound of flat strokes and net shots. The efficient force transmission brought by ARS-90F can help the players hit the shuttle to the baseline with ease.

With above innovative racket design, ARS-90F brings fast flat strokes to another level, and makes net shots agiler. It’s a perfect racket for doubles front court players who aim for a more versatile style of play.

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