Badminton Racket Selection

How to choose a badminton racket?

It can be said that the racket is a badminton player’s best weapon, and the right racket can also help you play better. This means that choosing the racket that suits you the most is the best way to play better and get the most enjoyment out of playing.

A racket that feels the best to one player may not feel the same to a different player. When choosing the right racket for you, your choice should consider your budget, playing ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced, tournament level player) and your playing style (power, defensive, all around game). 

Most 3 important aspects you want to look for when choosing a racket are:

  • Balance
  • Shaft Stiffness / Flexibility
  • Weight

 Other aspects are:

  • Grip Size
  • String Used
  • String Tension 

Above 3 aspects can be modified at anytime (after purchase) to suit your style of play.

What are the different weight classes of a badminton racket?

The weight of a badminton racket is usually denoted by the letter ‘U’ along with a number. The higher the number, the lighter the weight of the racket and vice versa.
Usually, beginners and intermediate players prefer to play with lighter badminton racket due to their enhanced stroking capacity and comfortability. Whereas professional players prefer to play with slightly heavier badminton rackets because they provide more powerful shots.
A good badminton racket usually weighs around 80g to 100g. Racket weights can be categorized into several categories:
  • 5U – 75 grams to 79 grams
  • 4U – 80 grams to 84 grams
  • 3U – 85 grams to 89 grams

  • 2U – 90 grams to 94 grams

  • 1U – 95 grams to 100 grams

The weight of a racket/grip size can be found on the cone of the racket. The most common weight you will find nowadays for most rackets are 3U, 4U and 5U.

What is balance point in a badminton racket?

The point where the maximum weight of a racket is located is known as the balance point of a badminton racket. In simple words, it can define as the point at which you can balance your racket on your finger.
A typical badminton racket can be categorized into three types of balance points:
  • Head-Heavy Badminton Racket

  • Head-Light Badminton Racket

  • Evenly Balanced Badminton Racket


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