Yonex Nanoflare 700 [Cyan] Unstrung

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         YONEX NANOFLARE 700

 The new YONEX NANOFLARE 700 (NF700), is a head-light racket built with unique technology and construction that helps players not only to play nimbly but also achieve increased shuttle acceleration allowing them to hit deep into their opponent court.

To achieve this, designers and engineers at Yonex created a new frame design. The NANOFLARE 700 is the first racket to utilize the Sonic Flare System design, utilizing the latest in graphite technologies, such as TORAYCA M40X, to create a stable yet highly repulsive head shape. Additionally, by designing a highly aero-dimensional shape built to compress and snap-back, they were able to built an ultra-light racquet for players who demand agility, power and speed that will launch the shuttle at speeds not before possible by a head-light racket while providing greater hitting feeling and less impact on the players arm. 



Flex :    Medium
Frame:    HM Graphite / M40X / SUPER HMG
Shaft:  HM Graphite
Joint:   New Built-in T-Joint, T-ANCHOR
Length: 10 mm longer
Weight/Grip:  4U (Avg. 83g) G5, 3U (Ave 88g) / G4
Stringing Advice:  4U: 19 - 27 lbs
Recommended String: Control Players - BG66 ULTIMAX; Hard Hitters - AEROSONIC

Customer Reviews

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Daniel John
Good racket for doubles

Good head light racket, perfect for doubles.